Work With Me :: Your Official Whole30 Coach!

Whole30 coach

The Whole30 is extremely effective, but it’s not easy (as is the case for most worthwhile life endeavors!).  Which is why you might benefit from working with an official Whole30 coach throughout the program.

You can absolutely do a Whole30 all on your own and for free, but you might benefit from working with a coach for a few reasons:

Initially, it can be a bit intimidating or overwhelming to know what is and isn’t ok for the Whole30 and to learn how to plan, shop, and eat well.  It doesn’t have to be super complicated, but over time I have picked up quite a few tips and tricks which can be very helpful when you’re just getting started.  I can help you get comfortable with the rules of the program, recipes, meal planning and prep, on-the-go and travel friendly options, common swaps, and help you figure out where to buy what without blowing your grocery budget.

At times it can be tricky to navigate the rules and recommendations, making sure that you stay true not only to the technical details of the program, but also to the spirit and intention behind them which makes a world of difference in the results you’ll see.  Whether we recognize it or not, food is so much more than just food.  We all have emotional ties and habits when it comes to food and the relationship that we have with what we eat matters.  The same ingredients can be used in a way that promotes a healthy nutritional and psychological response or in a way that is less than ideal.  As a Whole30 coach, I am very invested in helping people stop using food as punishment or reward, or as an outlet for self-soothing in times of stress, anxiety, sadness, or boredom.  More than just knowing what does and doesn’t work for you digestively, you’ll become increasingly self-aware, build more constructive habits, and be empowered to find freedom from food related guilt or regret.

Also, for most people some outer accountability and support is not only helpful, but essential for success.  By working with me as your personal Whole30 coach, you’ll have access to a variety of helpful resources, but you’ll also be a part of an online support group.  I’ll continue to support and encourage you throughout the program and you’ll be part of a community of likeminded individuals all working towards the same goal which provides energy and enthusiasm.

Whole30 Coach

Ready to change your life?!  You can partner with me as your official Whole30 coach in one of two ways:

One-to-one coaching – on a limited basis, locally or virtually (some exclusions apply based on location)

Group Whole30 – throughout the year, I’ll be hosting organized Whole30 group resets all the way through reintroduction.  The next one?  The official Flex in the City Studio Whole30 beginning 15 October!  You can sign up here!

Free informational meeting scheduled on Wednesday, 3 October, at 8:00 PM to help you learn more about the program and help you decide if you’d like to participate.

Official Kickoff Meeting for all participants on Thursday, 11 October at 8:00 PM to help get you set up for success before we officially start on 15 October!

Ongoing coaching with access to private Facebook group which includes daily tips and tricks, opportunity for Q&A, accountability, encouragement, and support

Detailed explanation of the program rules and recommendations

Comprehensive guides and “cheat sheets” to help simplify on vs. off plan items, tips on meal planning and prep, common hacks and swaps, detailed list of where to buy compliant ingredients in Cork, common mistakes to avoid, advice on navigating menus while dining out or traveling, and best ways to make sure that your Whole30 is not only nutritious, but also delicious!

Suggested recipes ideas and meal plan ideas

Pre-Reintroduction Meeting for all participants on Wednesday, 7 November at 8:00 PM to help you plan and prepare for your “mini science experiment,” systematically reintroducing the foods you eliminated to see what and what you do and don’t want to include on your plate moving forward.  There will be sample meal plans and ideas to make sure you get the most out of your Whole30.

Interested in participating, but can’t make it to the informational meeting (or even one of the other sessions)?  That’s ok!  You are still more than welcome to join us – either email me at or touch base with either Miranda or Julette in the studio and we will get you all the details you need.