Hello! I’m Miranda – barre addict and whole food fanatic. Seriously. I could be aptly described as a zealot for fitness, clean eating, and healthy habit building. Cool and calm would probably not be two words that my friends and family would use to describe me, but they would probably laugh as they insist that all my intense passion, enthusiasm and “high-energy-ness” (as my father described in the speech he gave at my wedding) does have some redeeming qualities.

Another one of my greatest passions is learning. In every situation I am in, regardless of the context, I find it fascinating to try to really understand the underlying dynamics in play. I eagerly embrace every opportunity to dig deeper into understanding trends and patterns, along with the driving forces, thinking and motivation behind them. This translates into an insatiable appetite for reading, writing, and long theoretical conversations (over a good Americano) on everything from the mundane day-to-day interactions to the esoteric, from faith to fashion to fitness to food and everything in between.

This blog will likely be a reflection of just that – my musings about my various passions and the learnings or insight that I gain along the way in my pursuit to live a more happy, healthy, and whole life. Thank you for the opportunity to share!