Whole30 Taco Stuffed Potatoes

Considering the Paradoxical While Enjoying Whole30 Taco Stuffed Potatoes

“Accepting oneself does not preclude an attempt to become better.” 

Flannery O’Connor

I consistently struggle with knowing when to accept something about myself as opposed to when to push myself a little harder.  As a general rule, I fail to accept pretty much anything as immutable and tend to be somewhat self-critical.   Over the past few years in particular, I have spent considerable time discovering the value of knowing myself better in order to build a life structured upon my own nature rather than fighting against it.  And in many ways this has allowed me to better understand what I really like or want and to care less about what others, or even especially I, think I should like or want.  As someone who likes to clear definitions and expectations, I really appreciated the black and white, this or that, framework that this often provided and it has felt good to identify my personality and tendencies in various theories and categories because of the insight this can often provide.  In addition to learning to better accept myself throughout this process, I know that I have also grown considerably in my ability to accept the differences of others.  Both of which have contributed to my own subjective well-being as well as the health of my interpersonal relationships.

However, there are (as is often the case!) two sides to this coin. Although I am much more aware of my own inclinations and the strengths and weaknesses which accompany them, I have recently been experiencing the negative impact that this level of self-acceptance might have.  Although it is good to know oneself in order to design routines, strategies, or systems which are aligned with one’s personality and tendencies, I have found that one potentially risks falling into a fixed mindset.  In short, you can’t let these definitions define you. For me personally, maintaining a habit or resolution is usually not particularly challenging however I have a strong penchant for “tightening” over time, that is doing something to no end, past the point of logical or healthy.  Some of my recent experiences have convinced me that rather than simply being comfortable in my natural state as an abstaining Upholder, I need to challenge myself to grow and view things more holistically.  

I also know that my Type A, get-it-done-yesterday personality is not appreciated or excusable in every situation – apparently not everyone loves to work on home renovations every.spare.moment.we.have – or so I am learning 🙂

But on so many levels and in so many aspects of life, it’s an interesting paradox and a tension that comes up all the time:  When do we accept the truth about ourselves and when do we push ourselves to go outside of our comfort zone?   I suspect there is probably some strong representation on both sides of the fence when it comes to our natural inclinations, but I continue to learn the value of both in my own life.  It’s arduous work, but fascinating food for thought.  

And something else which I have recently found renewed passion for has been… carbohydrates!  Over the past few years while I was focused on eliminating types of foods which are problematic for me personally, I have slowly and unintentionally become increasingly less inclusive of starches in my meal plans. I honestly prefer healthy fats, but I as I shift from an elimination focus to actively seeking nutrient density, I have been experimenting with more of this often maligned macronutrient. And so far, it’s been good to push myself in this direction.  Especially when it results in something as tasty as these Whole30 Taco Stuffed Potatoes!  

Whole30 Taco Stuffed Potatoes
Whole30 Taco Stuffed Potatoes
Whole30 Taco Stuffed Potatoes

Whole30 Taco Stuffed Potatoes

Prep Time:  5 minutes
Cook Time:  40 minutes
Serves: 4


  • Medium Russet Potatoes (or whichever variety you prefer, including sweet potato or yam) 4 each
  • Ghee, Melted 1 TBSP
  • Sea Salt 1 TBSP
  • Ground/Minced Beef 1 lb (450 g)
  • Taco Seasoning (recipe here)
  • Toppers of your choice:  tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, lettuce, avocado and/or guac are excellent options!


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 F / 204 C and scrub the potatoes clean.
  2. Poke holes all around the potatoes with a fork to prevent a messy oven explosion and then brush the melted ghee over the top followed by a sprinkling of sea salt.
  3. Place in the oven for about 30-40 minutes or until softened to the center. 
  4. Meanwhile, start mixing up your taco seasoning and chopping all your toppings.  
  5. When the potatoes have been cooking for about 20 minutes, start the meat!  Heat a large skillet over medium heat and then crumble the beef in the pan. Stir while cooking until completely browned which should take about 6 – 7 minutes.  
  6. Then add the prepared taco seasoning to the beef along with .25 cup / 60 ml of water.  Stir well to combine and allow to come to a simmer, cooking until the water is absorbed.  This should take no longer than 5 minutes to avoid overcooked, dry beef. 
  7. Once the potatoes are done, allow to cool slightly to touch and then slice open in the center, pressing from either end to create a pouch.  Stuff the taco meat inside, top as desired, and enjoy!
Whole30 Taco Stuffed Potatoes

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