Farewell to Flex! A Love Letter to My Barre Tribe

I have to say, this is a TOUGH one to write.  Things are well past getting real around here.  Our homehas been empty for over a week, everything shipped off to the US of A, we’ve said many final farewells and have only two and half more days in Cork at this stage.  The entire experience of living abroad has been nothing short of amazing and I will definitely miss the ability to travel around Europe for the quick weekend city breaks, my weekly trips to check out what’s new at Sostrene Grene’s, and the Sweet Potato Toast at Spitjack’s, but I have to say there is no question about what I will miss most:  Flex in the City.  By the time we moved to Ireland, I had long been a barre addict and was dismayed to see that it was going to be a challenge to find a new studio here.  Little did I know that I would end up not only finding an acceptable substitute (understatement) for my beloved Pure Barre Boston, but that I would teach and take hundreds of classes and find my barre tribe. 

Barre is quite simply the best workout in the world (no, no – that’s not an opinion, it’s a pure statement of fact 🙂 ) however for me it has always been SO much more than a workout.  Barre has changed my relationship with exercise and health; completely transforming my body inside and out.  It has helped me to develop mental strength and grit and it has led to me learn so much more about habits, goal setting and pursuit, and even building a more meaningful life.  But it has also been a powerful way of connecting me to others.  Around the world, barre seems to attract a likeminded crew of people who work hard and value the community it creates.  But as I have come to find out, there is something especially special about #TeamFlexand it will be impossible to replace the ever-growing group of fabulous people who have become my barre tribe. 

We’ve mastered the basics with the form focuses, we’ve kicked it up a notch with the intensives, we’ve sweated our way through cardio bursts, and we’ve lifted, pulsed and tucked for avocado toasts.  We’ve done barre and brunch, we’ve brought on the men, we’ve raised some serious funds for awesome charities and causes, we’ve launched a YouTube channel, and we’ve upped our sticky sock selection.  We’ve Whole30-ed, we’ve had dinners and treats and Christmas parties and we’ve had so many morning walks to our beloved Cork Coffee Roasters. 

Over the past three years, I have witnessed SO many shakes, SO many tucks and SO many faces ofutter disbelief or disdain as I ever-so-loving helped someone find their most challenging position.  I’ve seen some jaw dropping transformations, some gorgeous wedding photos and some really cute new babies. I’ve loved hearing the daily updates about what’s new in people’s lives and seeing people continue to improve or experience “barre epiphanies.” We’ve truly done life together and I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to know you all.  There is no place like Flex in the City and I cannot thank each and every one of the fabulous clients, who have become the best of friends, enough for truly making my experience living in Cork. 

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