Whole30 Sausage Egg Sandwiches
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A distinctive, intense herby flavor sausage sandwiched between an egg "bun" perfect for an easy make ahead breakfast
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 6
Breakfast Sausages
  • Ground/Minced Turkey 1 lb. (400 g)
  • Minced Chives .25 cup (5 g)
  • Tarragon 1 TBSP
  • Minced Garlic Cloves 2 each
  • Sea Salt .5 TSP
  • Black Pepper .25 TSP
  • Water 2 TBSP
Egg Sandwich Buns
  • Eggs 12 each
  • Coconut Milk .25 cup (60 ml)
  • Pinch of salt and pepper to taste
  • Coconut Oil 1 TBSP
Breakfast Sausages
  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, mixing well to incorporate.
  2. Heat a skillet over medium high heat and melt 1 TBSP of coconut oil.
  3. Using your hands, form 6-8 small sausage patties and place in the skillet.
  4. Cook fully on one side allowing the sausage to brown (about 3-5 minutes) and then flip to finish cooking.
Egg Sandwich Buns
  1. In a blender pulse the eggs and coconut milk until foamy. Alternatively, you can whisk well to get some bubbles in the eggs.
  2. Heat a small frying pan over medium low heat and melt 1 TBSP of coconut oil.
  3. Pour some of the egg mixture into the pan to about .25 inch thickness.
  4. Allow the egg to slowly cook until it is almost cooked through or to desired doneness (similar to a frittata).
  5. Using a biscuit cutter or a small glass, cut the egg into rounds roughly about the size of the sausages, making sure you press all the way through. I used a small pan, so I could cut about 3 rounds per batch.
  6. Carefully peel away excess egg and flip the rounds to finish cooking.
  7. Repeat for the rest of your eggs.
Assemble the mini sandwiches and enjoy!
Recipe by barre.eat.repeat at https://barreeatrepeat.com/2017/09/29/free-time-sausage-egg-sandwich/