Whole30 Chicken Salad with Avocado Poppy Seed Dressing
Serves: 4 each
Avocado Poppy Seed Dressing
  • Apple Cider Vinegar .25 cup (60 ml)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil .25 cup (60 ml)
  • Shallot, diced 1 each
  • Avocado, pitted 1 each
  • Poppy seeds 1 TBSP
  • Sea Salt .5 TSP
  • Dijon Mustard 1 TBSP
Chicken Salad
  • Arugula 8 cups (250 g)
  • Sliced Almonds 4 TBSP
  • Chicken, Cooked and Shredded or Sliced 24 oz (210 g)
  • Strawberries, sliced 1 cup (165 g)
  • Avocado, sliced 1 each
  1. Prepare the Avocado Poppy Seed dressing by combining all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulsing until smooth and creamy. It's delicious and you'll likely have some leftover to use on another salad or protein option later.
  2. Assemble your plates by separating the arugula among them and then drizzling the dressing over the top.
  3. Add the chicken, strawberries, and almonds.
  4. Top with sliced avocado and sprinkle some extra poppy seeds over the top if you so desire!
Recipe by barre.eat.repeat at https://barreeatrepeat.com/2018/08/17/when-its-worth-it-whole30-chicken-salad-with-avocado-poppy-seed-dresing/