Whole30 Spinach & Artichoke Meatballs with Lemon Cashew Alfredo!
Serves: 4
Lemon Cashew Alfredo Sauce
  • Raw Cashews 1 cup (125 g)
  • Head of Garlic 1 each
  • Juice of ½ Lemon
  • Avocado Oil 1 TBSP
  • Water .25 cup (60 ml)
  • Sea salt and pepper to taste
Spinach & Artichoke Meatballs
  • Avocado Oil 2 TBSP divided
  • Medium Yellow Onion, Minced 1 each
  • Garlic Cloves, Minced 3 each
  • Baby Spinach, Roughly Chopped 1.5 cup (250 g)
  • Egg 1 each
  • Ground/Minced Turkey
  • Artichoke Hearts, Diced 1 14.5 oz (400 g) tin/can
  • Almond Flour 2 TBSP
  • Garlic Powder 1 TSP
  • Red Pepper Flakes .5 TSP
  • Salt .5 TSP
  • Black Pepper .25 TSP
Lemon Cashew Alfredo
  1. Soak the cashews in a bowl of water just to cover for at least 4 hours or up to overnight.
  2. Roast the garlic in the oven by heating the oven to 350 F / 180 C. You'll cut off the tips of the garlic bulb just to expose and then place inside a small square of aluminum foil. Drizzle a little avocado oil on top and then wrap the garlic tightly in the foil. Roast in the oven for 35 minutes. Allow to cool.
  3. Once finished, drain and rinse the cashews and place into a high speed blender or food processor
  4. Peel the garlic cloves and place in blender along with the lemon juice, avocado oil, and water.
  5. Blend until smooth and creamy, adding a small bit of extra water if needed, about 1 TBSP at a time.
  6. Set aside once finished.
Spinach & Artichoke Meatballs
  1. In a medium skillet, heat 1 TBSP of avocado oil over medium high heat and sautée the onions until translucent (about 5 minutes) and then add the garlic cooking until fragrant, about 1 more minute.
  2. Add the spinach to the pan and cook about one more minute just to wilt, stirring to combine.
  3. Then in a large bowl whisk the egg and add the turkey, artichokes, almond flour, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Stir to combine.
  4. Next add the onion, garlic, and spinach mixture to the bowl and stir well to mix.
  5. Heat the remaining avocado oil in the pan again and then scoop heaping tablespoons of the turkey mixture into small, meatballs. There should be roughly about 20 total.
  6. Place in the meatballs in the pan and allow to cook on all sides, rotating every 3 minutes for about 12-15 minutes total or until cooked through.
Put it all together by spiraling some zucchini/courgetti and tossing in the Lemon Cashew Alfredo Sauce. Plate it up and top with 4-5 meatballs per plate, adding salt, black and/or red pepper to taste!
Recipe by barre.eat.repeat at https://barreeatrepeat.com/2018/05/23/learn-by-doing-whole30-spinach-artichoke-meatballs-lemon-cashew-alfredo/